Parish groups

The Parish runs a number of activities across all spheres of Catholic and community life.  Here’s our main groups and details of how you can get involved.

The Parish Liturgy Group

The Liturgy Group comprises the leaders of the various ministries involved with the Liturgy includingDivine_Liturgy_Preparations_at_Ukrainian_Catholic_Cathedral,_London  Sacristans, Ministers of the Eucharist, Readers, Musicians, Sidespersons and Servers. Organisers of Children’s Liturgy of the Word are also represented.

We co-ordinate these Ministries and assist Father with planning future events and assessing past liturgies so that we can learn what works or not!

Coffee after Mass

From Marianne Evans, our co-ordinator: Nearly 20 years ago it was suggested that it would be nice to have coffee and tea coffeeserved after Sunday Mass to give people an opportunity to get to know each other. This seemed an excellent idea and a rota was arranged with a few ladies to take turns and do the honours once a month which gradually became twice a month. Then Father Hollins arrived on the scene as well as a steady trickle of new parishioners and Father suggested maybe we could have coffee etc after every Sunday Mass,  so that newcomers would be made welcome and meet other parishioners in a relaxed way. Also there were quite a lot of young families and the children we thought would enjoy having a few biscuits and something to drink after Mass. Voluntary donations pay for expenses and any surplus is given to charity, over £100 so far.  We also help out at  St Laurence’s Feast Day with drinks on the front lawn, weather permitting, and on a few other occasions when asked.

I look forward to hearing from you if you are willing to offer up some time. It would involve getting to church about 15 minutes before Mass to prepare stuff in the kitchen and about 30/45 mins after Mass to serve and clear up afterwards, although very often someone offers to help!  At the moment each one on our team is “on duty” once every 3 months but if we have more people it would be even less than that.

Flower arranging at St Laurence


Jane de Halpert, Flower arranging.

A small team of helpers arrange the flowers in the church and most of us take on a two week slot within the Quarterly Rota. We understand that for people with busy lives it is often too difficult to commit to a regular rota slot, so we are happy to accommodate members who can only help out occasionally. Anybody who is interested in joining the rota, or helping out when they can,  would be most welcome.

As a team we do not have sufficient expertise to arrange wedding flowers but are happy to advise regarding, florists, floral wholesalers, access to the church and positioning of arrangements within the church.  Please could those planning their wedding contact us so we can liaise with them regarding their plans for the  day.

Contact Details –  Jane de Halpert or Barbara Gower or use the form below.

Flowers at St Agnes

Our kind volunteers make their arrangements with flowers and trimmings from their own gardens boosted by a contribution from the St Laurence finances. During the various festive seasons and Saints’ Days, we all turn up to decorate the church and the various arrangements make up a wonderful whole. If anyone would like to volunteer please contact me, Oonagh Williamson, via the Parish Office. Needless to say, men are most welcome too!

Public relations, and press liaison

Good public relations and press liaison help to keep St Laurence Parish in the local

Ann Saunders

Ann Saunders, PR and press liaison

public eye. Press releases to the local media are issued to promote various events from fund-raising activities to concerts at St Laurence and at St Agnes. After an event photos and an article will be followed up. An article on the new copper dome had a ½ page spread in the Petersfield Post in 2012 as did the 101st birthday news of the late parishioner, Mrs Hilda Wilson in the same year. Sometimes there might be just a few lines reported. Organisers of events are invited to inform the Public Relations Officer of any newsworthy items in good time and might be asked to take photographs of the event.

Faith Comments for the Petersfield Post are written by our Priest and members of the parish as part of a rota with the other churches in the Petersfield area. Anyone who would like to write a comment of about 300 words please contact the Public Relations Officer. The comments are also available to read on the PACT website.

Parish Communications Group

The Parish Communications Committee co-ordinates this work as well as producing our twice yearly magazine, “The Dome”.  You can read previous editions in our Archive.

Parish Pastoral Council


Parish Pastoral Council – Being part of the PPC is a valuable way to serve the parish community.  Our Councillors are appointed for three years and meetings are held ten times a year.

The Bishop wrote in 1991: Pastoral Councils “The Pastoral Council is a group of parishioners who are prepared to work closely in partnership with their priest to look at what needs to be done pastorally and to enable it to happen. Their brief will be widespread and will cover such activities as the Journey of Faith, sacramental preparation, working with the lapsed, community concerns, prayer and liturgy, and above all evangelisation. The Council will be instrumental in keeping the parish aware of its responsibility to be a community of mission.”  For more details on our members see the Pastoral Parish Council poster.

There are many more groups under our Ministries as well as newly formed groups such as the Justice and Peace Group  Contact the Parish office using the form below for further information and contact details.

Parish Knitting Circle

The knitting group meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month between 2pm and Wool and needles  4pm in the Church Hall.  We aim to produce 10 inch (25cm)  squares which are made into blankets and sent to the Hostel in Kingston Road, Portsmouth, who care for the homeless.  Our work is in the spirit of St Teresa of Calcutta, to help the poor on our doorstep.

The group is open to everyone – from those who want to learn to the very experienced knitter. Tea/coffee and biscuits, needles and wool are provided as well as tuition for those just getting started or who are a little rusty.

If you would like to spend an afternoon in good company then you’re welcome to just turn up on the day or you can contact the organiser, Marion Voller, through the form below.

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