Parish Giving

The  are a number of ways in which our Parish supports local and Catholic charities.

Parish Gift Aid

Sandy Sullivan

Sandy Sullivan. Parish Gift Aid co-ordinator

Sandy Sullivan, our Parish Gift Aid Organiser, encourages our Parishioners to use the scheme wherever possible. By using Gift Aid all taxpaying parishioners can increase their giving by 25% at no cost to themselves.  The parish gains an extra annual income of around £10,000 by use of this scheme so to find out more contact Sandy using the form below.  Alternatives you can find general information here or complete a gift_aid_form to return to the Parish Office to  register.

Local charities

We also support the Kings Arms , a club for local young people between 11-19 years.

To contribute to our food bank …

Special Collections

We also take a number of special collections through the year for a variety of good causes such as CAFOD Family Fast Day, the Apostleship of the Sea, and vocations.  See the weekly newsletter for details.